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"Summer edition"



FIT Summer Edition will be played according to the official rules  the Spanish and Catalan Federations. 

Authorizations for participation in Footvia International Tournament
All foreign teams must request authorization from their football federations to participate in the tournament and send it to Footvia ( so that we can inform the Catalan Football Federation.

In countries where football is operated by schools we also allow teams affiliated by their school football association to participate in our tournament, but we need you to send us a letter of authorization from the club.


Competition rules

Teams will be divided into groups of up to 4-5-6 teams, all teams will play in a one-round competition system. The classification of the teams will be determined according to their points:

  • Three points are awarded for a win.

  • One point for a draw.

  • Zero points for a loss.

The 1st phase will take place over 3 or 4 rounds, depending on whether the group is made up of 4 or 5 teams. At the end of the 1st phase, the first and second team of each group will qualify for the Champions League, and the third and fourth for the Europa League. The 5th placed team will be eliminated.

The criteria to follow when two teams draw in the previous phase are the following:

  1. Result of the matches played between them (average goal in particular).

  2. General average objective. Difference of goals for and against taking into account all the matches.

  3. Increased number of goals scored taking into account all matches.

  4. Team with fewer goals conceded.

  5. Greater number of matches won.

  6. Greater number of players with younger age.


In case of a tie between more than two teams:

  1. Number of points won in games played between the teams involved.

  2. General Goal-average.

  3. Increased number of goals scored taking into account all matches.

  4. Team with fewer goals conceded.

  5. Greater number of matches won.

  6. Greater number of players with younger age.

Elimination Phase (Play-offs)

All the games of the final phase will be played according to the cup system (direct elimination) and will be decided without extra time, by penalties: 3 penalties (Soccer 7) 5 penalties (11 Football).


  • B10 - Players born in 2014 or later  (7v7).

  • B11 - Players born in 2013 or later  (7v7).

  • B12 - Players born in 2012 or later  (7v7).

  • B13 - Players born in 2011 or later (11v11).

  • B14 - Players born in 2010 or later (11v11).

  • B16 - Payers born in 2008 or later (11v11).

  • B19 - Payers born in 2005 or later (11v11).



  • G14 - Players born in 2010 or later (7v7).
  • G19 - Players born in 2005 or later (11v11).
Duration of matches
  • B10 - 2x20 minutes.

  • B11 -  2x20 minutes. 

  • B12 - 2x20 minutes.

  • B13 - 2x25 minutes.

  • B14 - 2x25 minutes.

  • B16 - 2x25 minutes.

  • B19 - 2x30 minutes.

  • G14 - 2x20 minutes.

  • G19 - 2x25 minutes.9

  • Halftimes will be 5 minutes long.



On the first day all players must present a  passport or other official document accrediting their age with a photograph and show it to the organisation.


All teams must carry the identification documents of their players for each match in case the referee or the organisation of the tournament indicates their desire to review them. If any team lines up a player who does not meet the requirements set by the regulation, the team will lose the game 3-0.

Number of players and substitutions

Minimum of 9 players and a maximum of 14 players for Soccer 7. Minimum of 14 players and a maximum of 22 players for Football 11.

Substitutions are unlimited, but the game must be stopped to make them. Any substituted player may re- enter. In no case can a player play the competition with two different clubs.


Match information


List of players

It is mandatory to bring the list of players (roster) for all matches. This should include all the players that will play during the tournament. All players on the roster are considered to have participated in the match. All team coaches must appear on the list, up to a maximum of five (5). Only those responsible are allowed in the technical area. Random controls will be done at any moment.



All shirts must be numbered. The numbers should be on the back of the shirts (back). Two players cannot use the same number in the same match. No player can change numbers in the same match. It is not allowed to play without a number on the shirt. If it is necessary to change the shirt during the match, due to the similarity between the two teams, it is the team that appears first (left on the schedule), the home team, in the match schedule that changes equipment. The use of shin guards is mandatory.


Before, during and after the match

All teams must be ready and on the field 30 minutes before the start of the match with the players' documents ready for age control. The team leader must ensure that the players are adequately insured. The teams are responsible for the conduct of their companions. Misconduct or inappropriate behavior may result in the loss of the match (if the referee decides to end the match due to lack of conditions) or the expulsion of the team from the tournament. The head of the team must, immediately at the end of the match, sign the minutes, confirming the result, the cards and other details of the match. Failure to complete this procedure will result in a notification by the Jury of the tournament.



Matches will be played with size 4 balls (F7) and size 5 balls (F11). The organization provides official balls exclusively for the match of the tournament. Teams must bring their own balls to train and warm up.


All referees are members of a football association in their respective countries.


Tournament Jury

The jury of the tournament is composed of a representative of the organization and the referees. They are prepared to attend to protests, penalties and unforeseen situations, each one being analyzed. Decisions may not comply with FIFA rules based on Fair-Play. The decisions of the jury have no recourse.


Punishments, sanctions and protests

All protests must be presented at the tournament venue in writing by the team manager and handed to the Jury. Arbitration decisions are not subject to protest.


Suspensions and penalties

Any player ejected with a direct red card for misconduct will have a minimum penalty of 1 suspension match (the next match his team had to play).

If a player is expelled with a direct red card due to a set of the game and not for misconduct, he will not be sanctioned with a match and may play the next game without any problem.

It is considered misconduct or unsportsmanlike conduct: Playing violently that may cause injury to adversaries, insulting any person in the field or the public, spitting any person in the field or the public.

The tournament organization may decide at any time to expel a player or a team if it violates any rules of the tournament or if they have unsportsmanlike conduct.


Match Delays

Any team that does not appear on time and on the indicated field can lose the game by 0-3, by decision of the jury. If the team does not appear for the game due to delays caused by traffic or other acceptable reason, the jury may decide to delay the match up to a maximum of 30 minutes until the team arrives or even reschedule the match for the same day, again. If a team does not appear repeatedly in the matches, it can be expelled from the tournament. In special cases, the jury may decide to expel the team on the first non-attendance. If the game is interrupted and the game cannot be played until the end, the jury decides if it should start again at the time of the interruption, if either team wins 3-0 or both lose by 0-3.

Conduct of Family Members and Supporters

  • The teams are responsible for the behaviour of their followers and their families.

  • Teams can lose a match if the referee decides to end the match based on the verbal and violent behavior of their relatives and followers against the referees.

  • The teams can be expelled from the tournament in the first incident, based on the verbal and violent behavior of their relatives and followers to the referees or the other team.



All playing fields are natural grass or artificial turf. With bad weather, some games can be decided by penalty shoot-out or by tossing a coin.


Match and schedule changes

The organization has the right to modify groups, schedules and fields before and during the competition. Each time a change is made, the team will be notified.


Standards of Conduct

The team manager is also responsible for any damage caused by their players. If there is an unforeseen situation, the organization should be contacted. Please respect the hours of rest in the places of accommodation between 11:00pm and 7:30am. Meal times should be respected, and teams could lose a meal if they arrive late. In case of delay, inform the organization. It is forbidden to travel in any transport without a T-shirt. Failure to comply with these rules can lead to penalties and the expulsion of the team from their place of accommodation and in the tournament.

If a team demonstrates a violent attitude during the competition (incorrect protests to refereeing decisions, confrontation with team leaders and especially with members of the organization, etc.) may be automatically expelled from the competition. All cases of serious expulsion will be reported to the National Federation of the country of the player concerned.


Insurance and Liability


Each player must have medical insurance.

All the players with federative license with their club and with their contracted sports mutual will be covered thanks to the agreement with the Catalan Football Federation.

Those players who have a federative license with a different club than the one participating in the tournament and the sports mutual in force must have a written authorization from their club authorizing the player to play the tournament with another team or selection.

Make sure all players are insured, both on and off the field of play.

Footvia is not responsible for injuries, illnesses, theft or damage to property and is not responsible in any case for accidents, injuries or economic losses that may arise, or damages in case of war, military actions, civil war, revolution, subversive actions or measures taken by public authorities, strikes, work stoppages, blockades or similar events.

Participants from countries that do not have a health insurance contract with Spain must have personal health insurance.

Footvia has a civil liability insurance that covers the event.

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